Make marketing suck less.

* Or at the very least, it shouldn’t all feel like agony and obligation.

If you’re a writer or publisher who has struggled with how to:

GROW your audience;
RESONATE with readers (and get them to buy your stuff); and
SUSTAIN your marketing efforts over time …

And do it in a way that feels CREATIVE, PERSONAL & (maybe even a little) FUN

I get it: Marketing sucks, right?

What the %@#! is a marketing strategy?

MARKETING is what you do to introduce readers to you and your work.

Marketing — just like writing — is about sharing and communicating with readers so that they get to know you, like you, and then, eventually, trust you.

Marketing is a process that looks like this:

STRATEGY is how you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Strategy is about defining your destination and committing to a plan for getting there.

How does it work (& what makes it fun)?

Your process and your map should be unique to you and play to your strengths and interests.

I can help you uncover and perfect YOUR story:

→ the foundation of your work,
→ the way you add value to the world, and
→ the invitation you extend to others to join you.

You believe in your creative work because something about it feels essential to you.

Marketing is making it feel that way to other people.

We’ll work together to uncover how best to share this feeling with others in ways that feels good to you).

And when it feels good to you, you have fun.

And if you’re having fun, you’re more likely to want to keep doing it.

And if you can SUSTAIN it, you can GROW it.

→ Only a sustainable practice can scale.

Wanna know more? I offer complimentary office hours.

About me

Beyond my work with writers, I’m also the co-founder of the literary magazine Short Reads (one flash essay, once a week, in your inbox, for free), a collage artist (snip snip), and the curator of Read This (a one-sentence, one-link, once-a-weekday email for writers who want to newsletter better) and Gluu (a periodic email about collage, design, and cut+paste culture).

Previously, I spent 16 years as the director of marketing for the literary nonprofit and publisher Creative Nonfiction. And before that I was a fledgling graphic designer, an occasional DJ, an inept book reviewer, an undisciplined fiction writer, the interim GM of a (now successful) restaurant, a film school dropout, the founder of a fake fraternity, a passionate (but decidedly not professional) skateboarder, and an aspiring comic book illustrator.

I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with my wife, two kids, and our giant dog.