Audience Building Strategies for Writers*


If you’ve ever wondered how to …

  • RESONATE with more readers
  • GROW your email list
  • CREATE supporters for your creative work

… without having to hustle more, rely on growth “hacks,” or suffer in obscurity on the latest & greatest social media platform …

And do it in a way that felt CREATIVE, PERSONAL and (maybe even) FUN

I can help.

What is strategy?

Strategy is a map that guides you from where you are (Point A) to where you want to be (Point B).

A good strategy should be informed by your personal principles and core beliefs, and should provide you with structure and actionable processes that turn a desired outcome into a realized one.

I believe that a good marketing (and brand) strategy should be holistic and personalized. But more than that, I believe that marketing should be a simple and creative and natural extension of the work you’re already doing.

If it feels like a “have to” instead of a “get to” you’re doing it wrong.

About me

I’m co-founder of the literary magazine Short Reads and curate the daily Read This email.

Stephen Knezovich